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Sharing your rc files

You can customize the options Bazel runs with in your ~/.bazelrc, but that doesn't scale when you share your workspace with others.

For instance, you could de-activate Error Prone's DepAnn checks by adding the --javacopt="-Xep:DepAnn:OFF" flag in your ~/.bazelrc. However, ~/.bazelrc is not really convenient as it a user file, not shared with your team. You could instead add a rc file at tools/bazel.rc in your workspace with the content of the bazelrc file you want to share with your team:

build --javacopt="-Xep:DepAnn:OFF"

This file, called a master rc file, is parsed before the user rc file. There is three paths to master rc files that are read in the following order:

  1. tools/bazel.rc (depot master rc file),
  2. /path/to/bazel.bazelrc (alongside bazel rc file), and
  3. /etc/bazel.bazelrc (system-wide bazel rc file).

The complete documentation on rc file is here.


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